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Welcome, Desert Area Women Scholars!

Are you considering attending college? Congratulations!

Attending college has many benefits, both in the experience of attendance as well as long after graduation. It’s an investment in your future!  It also is a significant commitment of time and money and a down payment on success.

There are social benefits as well! From CVAP’s view, we strongly feel there are benefits of joining a sorority on campus. Each of our alumnae is a sorority woman. They can all tell you wonderful stories of how being a "sister" in a sorority still provides them with friendships, joy, and personal life benefits.  (Take a moment to read the article below. It helps tell the story of all the benefits of sorority life.)

Meanwhile, continue to peruse this site for information on how you can apply and obtain a scholarship from CVAP.


All of the Ladies of Coachella Valley Alumnae Panhellenic

Lifelong Benefits of Sorority Membership*


When you join a sorority, you instantly gain many opportunities and benefits. From sisterhood events to leadership positions to ritual services, your time as an active sorority member will be filled with fun and life-changing experiences.


The benefits of sorority membership are not just relevant during your college years; they are truly for a lifetime... a foundation in your personal and professional development. Plus, leadership, mentoring and growth opportunities continue after graduation with advisory, alumnae association and inter/national volunteer roles. 
Another lifelong benefit of sorority membership is the network of alumnae. The bond that sisters share is lasting. As a sorority member, you have an instant connection with sisters throughout the world. This can help you find a roommate, get a reference or secure a job. There is even the network of sorority women beyond affiliation within the College Panhellenic community. Sorority alumnae know and understand the skills you build as an active member and as an alumna, which often gives 
you a competitive edge
Also, sorority membership helps you identify your values, which guide your decisions throughout your lifetime. Even as times change, you will always have your values to rely on. Living up to these values teaches responsibility and accountability ¾ and will continually challenge you for life. 


There are many benefits to the sorority experience and the things you learn as an active member are relevant long after graduation. 


Remember: It's not four years, it's for life!

                  *Taken from


If you would like more specific information, please contact our Scholarship Committee Chair, Linda Simmons at (760) 340-3802
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