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2024-2025 President

CVAP's 2024~2025 President Pamela Sinco

2024 -2025 CVAP Officers

Shout Out to a few of our 2024-2025 Board Members

2024 - 2025 Special Projects

Toys for Tots (Dec)

Books for Children (Feb)

Spring Farewell Party (April)

Summer Luncheons

Ingrid Olsen

To Be Selected  

Judy Sanders

Jodi Miller

2024 - 2025 Standing Committee Chairs




Communications – Email/Facebook

Financial Advisor


Luncheon Arrangements

Luncheon Notice

Luncheon Reservations


New Member Activity


Nominating Committee Chair


Patron Fund Program

PHD Liaison


Scholarship Chair


Sorority Membership Award 

To Be Selected

Peggy Buenzli

Bridgette Roman

Ramona Frost

Karen Gonzales

To Be Selected

Judy Austin

Bridgette Roman

Jane Auerswald

To Be Selected

Jane Auerswald

Ramona Frost Ruiz

Sandy Dyer

Joyce Johnson

Margaret Kelso

Peggy Buenzli

To Be Selected

Linda Simmons

Stephanie Carter

Toni Harms

2024 - 2025 Executive Board


1st VP Programs

2nd VP Membership

Recording Secretary

Corresponding Secretary


Assistant Treasurer

Benefit Treasurer

Pamela Sinco

Laurie Anderson

Nancy Ringman

Pam Blodgett

Kimberly Klink

Jane Auerswald

Patti Kelleher

Cheryl Johnsen


Peggy Buenzli~2008

  Karen Gonzales~2016

    Linda Curea*~2006

      Sandy Dyer~2014

        Jodie Miller~2005


 (* indicates deceased)


Adele Ruge North*  1954-1956  Sigma Kappa

Frances Pruitt*  1956-1957  Gamma Phi Beta

Corinne Johnson*  1957-1958  Alpha Chi Omega

Marcia Blatt*  1958-1959  Alpha Phi

Cyria Henderson*  1959-1960  Chi Omega

Edna O’Reilley*  1960-1961  Delta Gamma

Dr. Lucille Fostvedt*  1961-1962  Delta Zeta

Muriel Rumwell*  1962-1963  Gamma Phi Beta

Nancy Fischer  1963-1964  Kappa Alpha Theta

Rosalyn Lewis*  1964-1965  Kappa Delta

Dorothy C. Robinson*  1965-1966  Kappa Kappa Gamma

Maxine Stone*  1966-1967  Pi Beta Phi

Adele Ruge North*  1967-1968  Sigma Kappa

Margo Erwin*  1968-1969  Alpha Chi Omega

Margaret Jones*  1969-1970  Delta Gamma

Dr. Emily Williams*  1970-1971  Alpha Xi Delta

Marian Samuelson  1971-1972  Alpha Chi Omega

D’Esta Williams*  1972-1973  Delta Zeta

Margaret Didricksen* 1973-1974  Pi Beta Phi

Patricia Anderson  1974-1975  Alpha Chi Omega

Virginia Backstrom*  1975-1976  Alpha Gamma Delta

Meredy Shoenberger*  1976-1977  Kappa Delta

Peggy Green*  1977-1978  Kappa Kappa Gamma

Betty Bernet*  1978-1979  Pi Beta Phi

Eloise Baldwin*  1979-1980  Pi Beta Phi

Irene Meisterlin  1980-1981  Alpha Delta Pi

Marnie Ogdahl  1981-1982  Alpha Phi

Alice Simons*  1982-1983  Kappa Kappa Gamma

Dorothy Zdenek*  1983-1984  Alpha Delta Pi

Jackie Smith  1984-1986  Pi Beta Phi

Jean Flynn*  1986-1987  Kappa Kappa Gamma

Jess Rhea*  1987-1988  Alpha Delta Pi

Jane Kayser*  1988-1989  Alpha Omicron Pi

Louise Herren  1989-1990  Kappa Delta

Jean Scofield*  1990-1991  Kappa Delta

Helen Bebermeyer*  1991-1992  Gamma Phi Beta

Ruth Kennedy  1992-1993  Delta Gamma

Polly Amos*  1993-1994  Alpha Xi Delta

Patricia DeLateur*  1994-1996  Alpha Phi

Bobbie Anderson  1996-1998  Alpha Delta Pi

Mary Doyle  1998-2000  Kappa Delta

Pat Mayall*  2000-2001  Kappa Delta

Mary Frances Soltys*  2001-2002  Alpha Chi Omega

Anne Flaherty  2002-2004  Theta Phi Alpha

Marilyn Yokaitis*  2004-2005  Alpha Omicron Pi

Jodie Miller  2005-2006  Kappa Alpha Theta

Linda Curea*  2006-2008  Delta Delta Delta

Peggy Buenzli  2008-2010  Alpha Gamma Delta

Vicki Robertson  2010-2012  Alpha Delta Pi

Sandy Woodson  2012-2014  Kappa Alpha Theta

Sandy Dyer  2014-2016  Kappa Delta

Karen Gonzales  2016-2018 Alpha Gamma Delta

Debbie Cox  2018-2020  Pi Beta Phi

Stephanie Carter  2020-2022  Zeta Tau Alpha

Joyce Johnson 2022-2024  Alpha Phi

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